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Where in meiosis does a reduction in chromosome number occur

The chromosome remained, with stretched-out kinetochores, at the equator of the spindle after anaphase onset (6 min, arrows).
Related Sciencing Articles, Images, dNA rearrangement is a remise gracieuse trop percu caf routine process occurring within cells.
The rearrangement of the genetic material in the reproductive cells leads to genetic diversity, since the child will not inherit an exact copy of the parents genetic material.Experiments of this type performed in three fused cells yielded identical results.The chromosomes invariably attached and segregated in their normal manner according to chromosome type.This type of cell division results in formation of sperm and eggs.Open in a separate window, bivalents can be induced to attach to the spindle with a single sister kinetochore facing each pole, but they neither attach nor separate in the normal meiosis II manner.Sciencing Cross; Dont Go!A spermatocyte in anaphase I was fused to a spermatocyte in metaphase I (0 min).Diseases Related to Rearrangement.In anaphase I, sister kinetochores were greatly stretched towards their spindle poles, but the sister chromatids did not separate from one another (4 and 17 min, arrows).(B) Another example of a bivalent in which one pair of sister kinetochores was induced to attach to opposite poles (0 min, arrows).In the pair that did attach to opposite poles, the sister chromatids did not separate from one another (27 and 32 min, arrows).Sciencing Video Vault, function of Rearrangement, dNA rearrangement increases genetic diversity within a population by passing on genetic information to the next generation, which is not completely identical to the parent.A late-prophase I spermatocyte and a metaphase II spermatocyte were fused (0 min).
The prophase nuclear envelope was still present (0 min, arrowheads).
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